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'Sharing yoga is what I love'.

'Breathing in energy, breathing out stress'.

'Inhaling love exhaling fear'.

               Zuzi M


I am so grateful you are here and hope that you find my site to be helpful along your journey.

Feel free to connect with me through social media, leave me a message, register for a class, book a private session, sign up for my newsletter or just take a look.


About me


Hi, my name is Zuzana Malkova. I am a yoga and meditation teacher.

I have been practising yoga and meditation for about 13 years. My journey began with Bikram yoga and continued with discovering other styles. Eventually leading me to a one year 400 plus hour teacher training at Qi Yoga.

Since then I have been sharing yoga in different yoga studios, fitness and health clubs and running my yoga classes, mostly around the Northern beaches.

Yoga and meditation are my best tools for keeping my mental and physical health in balance. 

No matter what has been going on in my life, I can rely on these two practices to reconnect to my true-self.

There are a lot of things that I love about yoga and meditation.

But to keep it simple, here are three life changing gifts that I have received.

Learning how to 'be in the present moment', not to dwell on the past, not to worry about the future, but to be 'here now' because that is, where you create the magic.

'Love and connection' Love for yourself and others and always choosing love over fear.

Connection of the body & mind through breath. Learning how to connect to your feelings and being self aware. Connection with others around you, your family, friends, community and the universe.

'Mindfulness' learning how to be the observer. Being able to observe and choose the thoughts and actions that serve you. And in effect have a positive effect on others and the universe, bringing happiness to you and the world around you.

And there is so much more to learn....

The best thing is, that yoga and meditation are for everyone, no matter what you have heard before...

No matter what age you are, how flexible or strong you are, you can find a style and class that suits your needs.

I truly hope I can meet you in person and share my practices with you.

Yoga at Home


Zuzana's yoga classes always feel balanced and well planned. Each class is different, keeping it interesting and bringing new challenges. Zuzana skillfully guides you through the poses and always offers options of more demanding and gentle variations. Her lovely personality, extensive knowledge and experience, combined with empathy, warmth and passion for yoga make the time on the mat worthwhile and enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recommend Zuzana's yoga classes. After an hour of yoga immersion I always leave feeling invigorated and more centred, rebalanced. 

-Andrea Gdovinova

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Outdoor Beachside Classes

Location - James Meehan Reserve, Dee Why Beach

When - Every Saturday @8.00am


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